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Pure Technology

About Us

Pure Technology is the contract injection molding division of Polyshot Corporation which is headquartered in upstate New York. Polyshot has been in business since 1989 and primarily services the needs of the injection molding industry with cutting edge hot runner systems and injection molds. Over the years, an increasingly large percentage of Polyshot's sales was to the leaders in the eatable pet treat industry, specifically the injection molded of pet dental treats. It Is estimated that up to 30% of the USA's entire dog dental treat production, uses Polyshot hot runner technology.

Raw Ingredients To Sealed Pouches In Less Than 60 Seconds

Pure Technology has developed cutting edge technology that allows it to completely eliminate the opportunity for molded treat contamination by human contact. Instead of molding parts, grinding runners, moving parts to "hardening" rooms and finally surge packing treats, Pure Technology's exclusive process allows the parts to be molded and packaged in a cell environment. There is no need for a human to touch a treat which dramatically reduces the chance of human transmitted contamination.

The Most Advanced Injection Molding Technology In The Industry

Our injection molds are sourced exclusively from our parent company, Polyshot Corporation. 100% of our molds employ their revolutionary hot runner technology which allows us to produce injection molded treats with zero waste. These exclusive use of these hot runner molds avoids the potential of contamination of reground cold runners. Polyshot routinely produces molds with as few as 1 to 128 cavities. These high volume molds are typically used to fulfill the "big box" retailers requirements.

Production In Upstate New York In Our 30,000 sq. ft. Facility

Our facility sits on 19 acres of land with room to expand as needed. No project is too large or small for our capabilities or our ability to build out to meet a specific customer's needs.

News & Events

Patent Recieved

Pure Technology is proud to announce its parent company Polyshot has been granted an important patent in the molded treat industry. US Patent #9,415,535 B2 was granted on August 16, 2015 and is titled "Multistage Ejection Of An Injection Molded Material". The patent is very important for the reduction on the cycle time of producing molded treats. When this proprietary technology is installed in a molded treat mold, it can reduce the cycle time up to 70%. This technical breakthrough was developed in the Polyshot research department while designing ultra-fast cycling treat molds.

The typical way treats are molded is the material is injected and the mold must stay closed until the treat material is cooled to the point that it can be ejected without the ejector pins damaging the treat. This new technologies Polyshot to eject its treats with the material still in the "dough" or semi-cooled stage. This technology can be employed in cold or hot runner molds and is available for new Polyshot built molds or licensing by Polyshot to end uses or treat producers. Contact for more information.

Molded Pet Treats

In House Injection Mold Manufacturing

Most advanced injection molding of pet treats in the industry. Complete automation from raw material to finished packaged treats.

Level 2 HACCP

In House Pet Treat Engineering Team

Our engineers have the experience to take your treat ideas and concepts and convert them into an injection moldable treat.

USA Produced

3D Printed Models, Prototype to Production Tooling In House

We have Pure Technology owned development mold bases that allow your ideas to go from an idea to an injection molded treat in as little as 2 weeks.

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